Hot or cold, brew your favorite coffee with a One Mug Portable Coffee Maker.

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Portable Coffee & Espresso Makers

Our Portable Coffee Maker provides you the freedom to drink the coffee you love. Anytime. Anywhere.

The Freedom To Choose

One Mug Brewers has the perfect portable coffee maker to meet your needs.


Single Cup Coffee Maker

drink in your Freedom

Whatever You Want

Is it that steaming cup of coffee just the way you like it, or do you prefer a shot that jolts your system?


Wherever You Go

Whether the office, the morning train or sitting on top of a mountain, One Mug Brewers has a portable coffee and espresso maker to fit your needs.

Make Your Freedom!

No longer tied to the constraints of traditional coffee and espresso makers. Have the Freedom to make your coffee anywhere.

Life Moves Too Fast To Stand In Line.

Waiting is no fun. Your time is too valuable to waste.

You deserve the coffee you want, when you want it.

The Freedom To Control

Your Time

No longer STOP your busy schedule to get the coffee you want.

Your Money

Take control of your own budget.

Your Productivity

Less distractions lets you focus more on what’s important to you.

Your Health

Control what enters your body. Personalized coffee makers designed for germ free use.

Designed For Mobility

Three Power Options

One Mug Brewers provides the power to make your drink wherever you are: Wall Outlet (A/C), Car Charger (12V), or Battery (D) .

Patented Technology

One Mug Brewer leads the field with 115 allowed utility patent claims, encompassing a wide body of intellectual property for mobile coffee brewing devices.


Designed for K-Cup™ Capsules, so you can always have the coffee or espresso you love.

Compact Design

Our brewers are light, compact and ready to travel. Place it in your cup holder, slide it in your backpack or take it on your next trip.

One Mug Brewers

One Mug Brewers provides a mobile coffee maker that gives you the freedom to make the coffee you want, anytime and anywhere, so you can relax, save money, and enjoy the coffee you love.

At One Mug Brewers, we know that time is your most precious asset. Let’s take back that lost time together, one fresh brew at a time. Our product lineage gives you the opportunity to make the coffee you love, at some of the most inconvenient times.

Here’s how you do it:
Buy a Mobibrew. MobiPress and MobiCold coming soon!
Determine where you want to make your coffee and then choose the appropriate power option.

So buy a MobiBrew coffee maker today, and in the meantime, sign up to be notified when our Espresso and Cold Brew makers are released.

The Choice Is Yours To Make

Stand in line to purchase overpriced coffee, or drink in your freedom and the coffee, your love, any time you want.

If you can

make your coffee here,

You can

make it anywhere.

Your coffee, anwhere, anytime.