Hot or cold, brew your favorite coffee with a One Mug Portable Coffee Maker.


What types of power can I use with the MobiBrewer?
A 12v power cord is included with your MobiBrewer. This allows you to brew coffee from the convenience of any automobile with a cigarette lighter or 12v outlet
  • You can use a 120v Power Adapter for easy brewing at your desk, in the office or anywhere you have access to a power outlet.
  • In order to be completely mobile, you can use a Xvolt battery (coming soon) that will brew approximately 2-3 cups of coffee before recharging.
    • AAA batteries can be added to the slot in the back of the Mobibrewer. These will NOT heat water, but allow you to brew immediately with the addition of hot water to the water reservoir.
How long does it take to brew coffee?
Because water temperature may vary from brew to brew, you can expect these approximate brewing times.
  • Adding hot/boiling water will give you an immediate brew (1 minute).
  • Adding room temperature water will brew in approximately 10 minutes.
  • Adding cold water will result in longer brew times.
Can I use my own coffee grounds?

Yes, you can use the reusable k cup coffee filter (included) to brew your own coffee or tea.

How can I clean my brewer?

Cleaning is simple and easy. Just dont submerge the mid section of the MobiBrewer in water (mid section with the button). Simply detach the lid to clean to rinse the water reservoir. The coffee cup at the bottom also detaches for easy washing with soap and water.

How many ounces of coffee does it make?

The MobiBrewer can brew up to 6oz of hot coffee or tea. Future MobiBrewer models will have larger brewing capacities.

I lost my instruction manual. Can I download a new one?

Yes, please click here to download a .pdf of the MobiBrewer user manual.