Hot or cold, brew your favorite coffee with a One Mug Portable Coffee Maker.

About Us

One Mug Brewers is a U.S.A. based company

One Mug Brewers, LLC is a Des Moines, Iowa, US-based company determined to bring you the most innovative and convenient portable coffee brewing devices on the planet. We have been designing and testing these types of products for over 6 years and have managed to gain extensive patent coverage including 115 allowed U.S. utility patent claims (many more pending) for multiple design iterations. This large embodiment of patent coverage allows us to select the best designs and bring them to your household.

The coffee we want, where we want it.

Our passion for portable brewers was born from everyday situations where we found ourselves uninspired by the choices presented for coffee. Whether it was a vacation, commute, on hikes, waiting at the airport, or studying at the library, we just couldn’t find the exact solution we needed. So we got to work creating a line of products which allowed us to have the coffee we wanted, when and where we wanted it.

You deserve the best coffee, where you want it.

We are now ready to share these brewers with you! We pride ourselves in quality because we want you to have the best! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please drop us a line!

No Lines,

No Waiting,

just you and

the perfect cup of coffee,

wherever you are.

3 Steps To Take your Freedom

Decide What You Want?

Is it that steaming cup of coffee just the way you like it, or do you prefer a shot that jolts your system?


Decide Where You Go?

Whether the office, the morning train or sitting on top of a mountain, One Mug Brewers has a travel coffee and espresso maker to fit your needs.

Take Your Freedom!

No longer be tied to the constraints of traditional coffee and espresso makers. Have the Freedom to make your coffee wherever you take it.